On the program of the comic press review of the week: sea serpent of the first five-year term, will the pension reform finally take place? Monday, September 12, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his desire to accelerate on the subject “from 2023” during a meeting with a hundred journalists from the Presidential Press Association in Nanterre. He notably indicated that the reform would be carried out “by social consultation and by seeking compromises”. If the president procrastinates on the method, the threat of 49.3, or even the dissolution of the National Assembly in the event of a motion of censure hovers.

Plantu’s latest drawing on Sandrine Rousseau is causing a stir on the web. And for good reason, the ecologist deputy takes for her rank concerning the choice of her fights. The drawing has been retweeted nearly 2,600 times and garnered over 9,000 likes. Last Tuesday, during the presentation of the Justice budget, Eric Dupond-Moretti reacted to the withdrawal of two left-wing political leaders in recent days: Adrien Quatennens for domestic violence and Julien Bayou for suspicion of psychological violence against his ex-partner. The Minister of Justice wanted to “whistle the end of recess”. “We do not play with our institutions. The liberation of women’s speech, yes, even through social networks. However, social networks cannot be the only unfiltered receptacle of this speech. And justice must intervene,” he said.

Cartoonist Faro has published a striking cartoon referring to the many ongoing court cases that are tarnishing the image of French football. He refers in particular to the Hamraoui-Diallo case, in which footballer Kheira Hamraoui was the victim of an attack supposedly orchestrated by her PSG teammate Aminata Diallo, the Benjamin Mendy case in which the French world champion is accused of seven rapes or even the Pogba affair in which Mathias Pogba accuses his brother Paul of having hired a marabout to cast a bad spell on his Blues partner Kylian Mbappé.