the Key day for the Belgian baanwielrenners. In the Netherlands, Apeldoorn will be up on Sunday for the CHAMPIONSHIP ride. In a championship series in which the Belgians, of course, a few things to defend you and have. Last year, the delegation was left with four medals at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Glasgow. De Ketele won He War, gold, in the ploegkoers and nice-good for a silver medal in the points race. Degrendele took a silver medal in the keirin, D’hoore took the bronze in the scratch race. However, at this european CHAMPIONSHIP, there is more to the game. In the next few months, the baanwielrenners with their olympic ticket to secure. The euro is not the decisive factor, however, as in the next few world cups and the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in February in Berlin, and there are some of the important points in order to be able to make it on the card.

On that Play, hoping for the Belgians, there are seven disciplines are the team pursuit, the ploegkoers the case, and in each the men’s and women’s. Plus, the keirin, with Nicky Degrendele in the women’s. Especially for the team pursuit and the keirin, it is the european CHAMPIONSHIP is of great importance. A breach of contract that threatens Belgium’s participation in the Games is in immediate danger. An advantage of Belgium can work with almost the strongest line-up. As such, The Ketele, the War, restored the belgian champion Jolien D’hoore: (usa) and Kopecky make their presence felt.

head Coach Peter Pieters will be careful, and ambitious: “In the ploegkoers and the keirin I can see the potential for a medal in the team pursuit should be a top-eight or top-six”, you hear the sound of it. “When Jolene is still waiting to see it after its elleboogbreuk < / I> (mid-July, ed.) . In any case, the competition between them, because all the countries are at full strength.”