the Belgian people will soon go to the United Kingdom to leave to their Uk counterparts to assist in the investigation of the 39 people who died were found in a van in Essex. That the report of the VRT and the news was confirmed by the federal public prosecutor’s office. Meaning that the gathered evidence and clues are next to each other at their respective investigations to move forward, said Eric Van der Sypt, a spokesman for the federal department of public prosecution.

“Today, or in the course of the week, there will be two or three officers of the federal judicial police and for the Uk to leave,” says the parketwoordvoerder. “This way we can have privileged contacts with their British counterparts, and that the gathered evidence and clues to the artists.”

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that The officers would in the meantime have a clear view of the route, which is the refrigerated container in which the victims have been found, it has passed, but the federal public prosecutor’s office gives no information. Where are the people in the refrigerated container would have gone up, it remains to be remains to be seen.

Five people were arrested:

Saturday was in the port of Dublin, with the Irish driver, picked up the semi-trailer with a refrigerated container to Zeebrugge in belgium has taken place. The man was apprehended by the information of the federal judicial police of West-Flanders, belgium, has passed to the British authorities.

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The driver of the refrigerated van, from Zeebrugge in belgium to Essex, brought, was, Wednesday, has already been arrested after he called the emergency services about the dead bodies in his pick-up truck. He is also accused of the 39 cases of murder, and it should be here in the court. The other three people who were arrested in the case have been released on the security.

in the Meantime, there is still no complete clarity about the identity of the 39 victims. At first, it was suspected to be of Chinese nationality, but for the last few days, there are more and more suspicions that at least some of the Vietnamese are among the victims to sit down.
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