The photo Cheetahs have not been able to medal in the 4x400m relay at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha. Our landgenotes ended up at a nice fifth place, the golden medal went to the United States, Poland, and Sweden.

now, The Cheetahs have opted for the four that will play in the semi-finals, as well, had been, and as a result, our landgenotes now, to be assured of a place in the Olympics next year in Tokyo, japan. But medaillekansen wasn’t mentioned at all. No-one in the Belgian camp, who had dared to dream of medals at their home race.

Startloopster Hanne Claes and opened just fine, and gave the stock is in a fifth position, in Front of Vervaet. She has lost a bit of ground, and gave up in the seventh position in the stock by Year Cocquyt. While in the US, with a straight edge to the gold and rushed to his side, if slotloopster the Right Laus finished sixth in the final lap in the. After a strong last-hectometer passed in the sixth to hold on to. That was an even fifth place after Canada was disqualified. Also, Jamaica was cancelled, but it went to appeal and was upheld, and kept, therefore, for the bronze.
More about the CHAMPIONSHIP track and field, USA, Germany, australia and Kenya, to take a medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics, the Belgian Tornados tackle the beautiful bronze on the 4 x400m gold for superior, United States of america: “This is not the best, it is a medal of perseverance” will Finally have a world cup medal: one of the reasons why the bronze statue of the Belgian Tornados, no chance, Anne Zagré despite the fall, the fifth in the semi-finals of 100m hurdles