now, With a debt ratio of 100 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (gdp) by 2018, Belgium (fifth place in the European schuldenrangschikking. That’s according to figures from the European statistics office, Eurostat. In 2017, amounted to, our debt level is still 101,8 percent of the time.

Last year was only in Greece (181,2 per cent), Italy (134,8 per cent), Portugal (122,2%) and Cyprus (100,6 per cent) are worse off in terms of debt equity ratio.

At the other extreme is Estonia, with a ratio of only 8.4 per cent, followed by Luxembourg (21 per cent) and Bulgaria (22,3 per cent). And then there is the large neighbouring countries: France has a debt equity ratio of 98.4 per cent of the gdp, in the Netherlands only collect 52.4 per cent, and Germany, 61,9 per cent of the country’s gdp.

now, with The debt ratio of the euro area amounted to 2018, with 85,9% of the gdp, a decrease compared to march of 2017 (87,8 per cent). In absolute terms it increased in the case of the countries of the euro area up to 9,930 billion euros, an increase of nearly 100 billion euros every year. The Belgian case was last year in terms of the absolute numbers of 460 million euros.