as of Friday, the start of the Belgian basketbalcompetitie with the Oostende-Limburg United. Everything you need to know about the EuroMillions manager for 10 issues.

1. Ostend, once again titelfavoriet

Ostend, captured in June, the eighth consecutive title, a record in Belgium. Questions the nine of clubs is that the kustploeg this season, the favorite has to be himself, to do the same. The team of coach Dario Gjergja was a day shot and a bite in the budget, however, with Dusan Djordjevic, Jean-Marc Mwema, Yannick Desiron, Loïc Schwartz, and the top of the foreign duo, Shevon Thompson, and Htc Angolo a lot of experience and talent. The six players of the previous campaign, with the kampioenentrofee in the air and came to a halt.

after playing his Antwerp Giants, where a lot of players and a Coach of the Year, Roel Moors, saw it leave and is tipped to be on their own to follow, and the winner of the Belgian Cup. Okapi Aalstar with a single injection, and in addition to the public prosecutor’s office in Brussels, the ever-ambitious, Serge Crevecoeur, a young Limburg United’s coach, Brian Lynch, and in the Mountains, with the Bosnian head coach Vedran Bosnic to the underside of.

in March, the most wealthy club in Belgium still remains a question mark. The latest price of dating back to 2011, and this year, the Spirous coach Pascal Angilis again, the new look and feel. On paper, continues to Charleroi, and the team Oostende, the sale must be disposed of. It would be for Axel Hervelle, who is most likely to be his last the season will be a nice farewell to it.

To the surprise of the season, we are looking for a healthy Leuven Bears, coach, Eddy Casteels, and a new Roo, Mechelen coach Paul Vervaeck. Or be surprised to the section of the river, coach Sacha Massot?

2. A new competitive ormule

finally, Still only ten teams in the EuroMillions lottery League and the double-turn is due to a lot of matches removed. The new competitieformule is a trade-off between the top and the subtop and it takes a half of the campaign. The place with the each and every day, as the two teams ‘ bye, especially, is not particularly attractive. In the first round in two of the groups (1,3, 5, 7, 9 2,4,6,8, and 10) and five based on the previous campaign. The points to be considered for the second round. As a result, a full turn of the game. After 26 days the play-offs. In the semi-final is a best-of-three, but the finale is also in the semi-finals in a best-of-five.

Group A: Is A Mountain, Okapi Aalstar, Of Charleroi, Leuven Bears Live, Antwerp Giants,

Group B: (Brussels, Ostend And Limburg United, Kangaroos, Mechelen, Liege,

3. No Bene League

it is a Pity that the project, in order to have a BeNe-League next season to start up in the fridge to put into it. In the Netherlands it was in the top 4 with little enthusiasm. There is, in Belgium, also does not market to expand to 12 to 14 profploegen. The Pro League is an urgent need for the talks to reach an ambitious tweedeklassers, and, as in the Dutch Premier league, looking for teams with semi – professional status for the step up to the EuroMillions lottery League and want to make it. The only way there is, on the one hand, a quantity of injection with a minimum of fourteen teams at the deadline of the order, and, on the other hand, the problems of ugly speelformules of the job.

finally, Not least, of Liege, in February, an application for receivership pending, and are struggling with debt. In order to be temporarily protected from its creditors, said the people of liège, therefore in a proceeding concerning the receivership to it. In the long term, ten healthy profploegen seems to be a problem.

4. All of the matches on the EMBL.TV

All of the matches will be available on a streamingplatform-to-follow-on to the web site of the Euromillions lottery Basketball League (euromillionsbasketball.b). The entrance is free of charge, on request. A televisiecontract, which last year went, brings 40 games of the championship, directly on the Play-Sports network Sports. In eight games, plus the cup final will be live on Sporza/VRT broadcasting. Play Sports, Proximus is Sports, will open tonight (20: 30) with the Oostende-Limburg United.

5. The four teams in European

the town of Oostende, Antwerp Giants Brussels and Charleroi will play the four teams in European. The champion of Oostende is sitting directly in the group stage of the Champions League. Cup winner-Antwerp Giants is working to end september to be the decisive qualifying round of the uefa Champions League is down. If the Giants do not qualify, they will be collected in the FIBA Europe Cup. Charleroi to Brussels is to sit directly in the group stage of the FIBA Europe Cup, but unfortunately it is in the same group.

6. Finals of Cup of Belgium, on the 8th of march, in the National forest

finally, The grand finale of the Cup of Belgium, on the 8th of march, by National forest. For the sixth consecutive year the Pro League has to be in the “rock temple”, as it appears, permanent homes are found. Unfortunately, in the final of the belgian Cup for the women too in the coming year (see the beach volleyball Stadium) are not in the same location session. A missed opportunity, especially with the Belgian basketball, in its entirety, to give greater visibility.

7. All-Star Game on the 28th of december in Brussels

finally, After two editions of leaves of the All-Star Game in Kortrijk, belgium. On the 28th of december, this event is in Brussels, belgium. The venue is the Palais 12 in Brussels, forest National.

8. Basketball Awards on the 9th of may, in the Charleroi

as for The Basketball Awards ceremony, the prizes a Player, a Musician, and a Promise to be the Year of the Year of The Publication, on the 9th of may at the Dome from brussels south Charleroi airport will be organised.

9. Senegalese and Canadians

now that we have a lot of players from the united states and the Balkan countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, serbia, Slovenia, for the first time in three Senegalese and two of the Canadians in the EuroMillions lottery Team. Five towers, with Amadou Dieng (2m11, Senegal/Leuven Bears), His Fall and Faye (2m08, Senegal/Antwerp Giants), Amar Sylla (2m06, Senegal/Ostend (oostende), At the Classes (2m08, Canada-Antwerp Giants), and Mikyle McIntosch (2m01, Canada-Ostend (oostende).

10. The 2 m is 13 and the largest is 1 meter 75 is the smallest:

The biggest player in the EuroMillions draw, League is a team. The Jamaican Shevon Thompson (pictured), and the man Josh Sharma are 2m13 tall. The slightest move for the Bosnian international, Filip Adamovic (1m75) of the town.

Photos: BELGA < / P> the Programme 1st day:

Friday, 20.30, Oostende-Limburg United.

Saturday, 20.30, Okapi Aalstar-Leuven Bears,

Sunday, at 15.00 in Brussels-Kangaroo Mechelen