The Barcelona comes out of the Asobal


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The board of directors of FC Barcelona has ratified the decision of the club let belong to the Association of Spanish Clubs Handball (ASOBAL) , although we will continue disputing all competitions Spanish League Sacyr Asobal, Copa del Rey, Super cup and Copa Asobal).

As reported by the entity barca, the decision has been adopted given that the Spanish Federation of Handball (RFEBM) approved, in its last General Assembly held in June, it is not mandatory to be part of the ASOBAL to compete in the championships .

in Addition, at the last meeting of telematics of the directive, the club announced the opening of the Barca Academy PRO Miami, which will open its doors on the 12th of August in three locations in the city, Miami Shores, Hialeah and Kendall.

the Board approved The 11 of February the creation of this second Barca Academy PRO in the united States , which adds to that already functioning in New York, on Long Island.

The Barca Academy PRO are directly managed by the Club, so the sports part of it, as are the economic. Currently, there are 46 Barça Academy spread all over the world.

The club has also been informed of an agreement of collaboration with the Ministry of Interior of the government to accede to the Protocol security against sexual violence in leisure areas. The convention, which has a duration of four years, establishes, among other agreements, that the Club will comply, and will enforce the agreements of the Protocol, shall ensure that all managers and all staff involved in the development of leisure activities, receive mandatory training in the area of sexual violence provided for in the Protocol.

in Addition, the club has announced the appointment of the new Compliance of the FC Barcelona. It is Mireia Simona, current Compliance Analyst, as new Compliance Officer of FC Barcelona, the Foundation and BLM, which will report directly to the Commission of Compliance, and will assume all management responsibilities of this position.

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