if you are A Portuguese pregnant, should be responsible for the birth of a new baby is without a nose, eyes and part of his skull. The parents of a baby Lies in accusing him of negligence. They were not aware of any serious defects in their infant son until he was born.

Baby, Man, it seemed initially that they will not make it, but his chances seem to be reversed. Today, more than two weeks after the birth and will stay with the child at a hospital in the south of the city of Lisbon.

Pregnant Once But on the other hand, it is temporarily no longer allowed in the hospital. It’s still a mystery as to why he is in the deviations, in spite of the three ultrasound scans were not previously observed. More, in fact. Another hospital had warned, however, robust to variation following detailed 5D ultrasound, but We waved it off.

Several incidents

in the Meantime, it appears that the Action may be repeated in which the error has gone. It would currently be at least 6 complaints to be dealt with. The other parents were witnesses in the Portuguese media about the alleged failure of a gynaecologist during the pregnancy.

In a similar case in 2011, a baby was born with a deformed face, deformed legs and a serious brain injury. The mother, according to the newspaper Publico reported to the police, but a prosecution But it never came. Now, if the child is eight years old, and it has more operations to undergo, but to talk to, or you can walk from there.

Also, in a case dating back to 2007 about the death of a child, a few months after its birth and this led, according to Publico, however, to be a complaint, but it is not up to and including discharge or any other penalty.

are Not strict enough

The scandal is, in Portugal, the question may arise as to the performance of the health care system, and the klachtprocedures. But now, for at least six months of the year will be suspended. According to the artsenverenigingen the evidence may be strong enough to have a ‘disciplinary ‘ penalty’ at the beginning.
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