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it’s Been more than three years since Cristóbal Montoro by the then minister of Finance of Rajoy , presented the last Budget of the State. And, at this stage, those accounts continue to endure the entire structure of Government spending, including the decisive portion of the state investments.

To pure not to develop new accounts and extend the that designed Montoro, the Government of Pedro Sánchez are still living politically in the budgets of Rajoy , which is now two years ago you were evicted from the power with the motion of censure. And these recurrent extensions of time budget explain the apparent political paradox of autonomy in the most investment, the Government of Sánchez are precisely the regions emblematic of the PP.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance has closed the balance of the investment territorializada of the State in 2019. According to the official count, Galicia, Castilla y León, Murcia and Madrid were the regions in which most invested the state public sector in the past year .

In euros per inhabitant , the ranking is led by Galicia. Castilla and León, the second. The third, Murcia. In euros per square kilometre , the first position was occupied Madrid, followed by Murcia and Galicia. Case apart are the autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta, which shed massive levels of investment per square kilometer, given its small geographic size.

In a percentage of the investment regionalised total of 2019, Galicia was the most diverted, 16.6%, followed by Madrid (14.7%) and Castilla y León (11.9 per cent). After that, Catalonia, Andalusia and Murcia, with 10.8%, 9.1% and 6.7%, respectively.

Of 10.232,7 million euros of investment regionalised that the State implemented in 2019, Galicia focused 1.253,3 million, Madrid 1.106,5 million and 898 million euros in Castilla y León . In Catalonia, the Government of Sánchez invested 811,8 million during the last year.

That’s emblematic bastions of the PP are the most benefited by the investment of the state Government Sánchez is explained by the extension budget that is still installed. The Rajoy Government unblocked and launched large infrastructure projects which were pending in those regions, which were strategic in the national perspective. Put them in place, gave it a budget and that “locomotive” investment continues to roll with a Executive, the of Sanchez, who has abstained from drawing up new budgets.

effectively business as usual

Now, although the renewals budget carry certain limitations, in the chapter of investment, the margin of manoeuvre of the Government is enormous. But Sanchez, in view of the data, has not bothered to make use of this possibility to print a political turn to the investment.

“The annex of investments is not extended with the budgets, what is extended is the credit of the whole, the amount available for investment. But the Government in turn can decide what works to devote every moment of that available credit,” explains to ABC that was the secretary of State for Promotion in the Government of Rajoy and current deputy spokesman of the PP in the Congress, Mario Garcés , who is also officer of the body of auditors and auditors of the State. That is to say, Sanchez could have decided to move internally these items , spend more money for some works or other, and have even launched new projects and braking others already in place. But it has not been the case, at least not in a way minimally relevant.

“In practice, what that tends to do is go running to the works as they are initiated, to give continuity to the projects that are already running, because they leave unfinished works or paralyze those that are in place poses a risk of economic and political costs for a government,” explains Garces.

Risks to the view

Sanchez has opted to take advantage of the way investor that left path Rajoy, to live the “effect drag of the planning that we did between 2012 and 2018” , explains Mario Garcés, who warns that inertia is not infinite. Even less so after the blow of the crisis of the coronavirus , the stoppage of works caused during the confinement and the severe effect that the Covid is leaving in the economy and in the public accounts.

In the opinion of the PP, there are prevent this being translated this year in a non-fulfillment of budgetary investment . Requests an expedited administrative procedure to activate or reactivate pending projects, and for the Government to do an effective exercise of internal reallocation of credits to take full advantage of the money available for investment.

In 2019, unless in 2018

yes, despite the fact that the budget of Rajoy continues to underpin the investment of the State, Sanchez has not been able to keep the pace he had received by legacy . In 2019, with the economy expanding, the investment of the state public sector declined by about 2018. The first full year of the Government Sánchez, weighed down by the interim, the instability and the repeat election, ended up with a drop of almost 250 million euros on the investment of the state public sector : in 2018 had risen to a total of 10.480,92 million euros, while in 2019, backed up to the 10.232,71 million.