Shifts in the power structure of The Assad-Clan is fighting a $ 120 million of Syria’s richest man creates with his Cousin, the dictator Bashar al-Assad. Moritz Baumstieger3 Kommentare3Hat quarrel with his rich Cousin: Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad. ( )

Each family has their own ways to overcome conflict. By the way, the Syrians, Rami Makhlouf choosing just one, however, is unusual – because he has a prominent role in the Syrian rulers clan holds such a power-hungry conspirators clan. Strife and Palace intrigue like it is also in Damascus and to the outside of the Clan, held together by ruler Bashar al-Assad but always.

at Least up to 1. May, as published by Rami Makhlouf, a Video on Facebook. He complained of how unfairly he was treated – and another Video was two days later, in which he subtle threats under mixed. A Facebook User commented: “don’t Know the Assads, how to set up a family Whatsapp group?”

“Mr. President, this is the truth!”

at Least Makhlouf is likely to be familiar with the news service, for professional reasons. He is the master of a corporate Empire made him the richest man in Syria: According to estimates of the 50-Year-old controlled prior to the beginning of the war up to 60 percent of the economic output of the country, earned in tourism, such as in heavy industry, as a licensee in the auto import, or in the case of consumption goods. His most productive money out of water but in the communications sector: The larger of the two Syrian mobile operator Syriatel belongs to him alone, the smaller MTN in Share.

A debate about Syriatel now seems to be, at least outwardly, the occasion for a family quarrel: The Syrian authorities and demanded from him $ 120 million in additional taxes, complained Makhlouf, and, although he had always paid all the taxes. “Mr. President, I ask you, is the truth!”, Makhlouf pleads in his first Video.

Rami Makhlouf wants to pay 120 million US Dollar. Photo: Screenshot of Facebook

this recording, the Makhlouf in a Villa up, it was remarkable. Finally, Assad’s Cousin, thus confirming the rumors about turmoil in the family, which had existed since the late summer of 2019 in Syria round: Makhlouf, a childhood friend of the dictator, could only accumulate through whose favor his billion fortune, seems to have no more access to the President.

That he must now choose the path on the Public, reveals shifts in the structure of the power: Makhlouf has long been a close Confidant of Assad’s, urged after the start of the mass demonstrations of 2011, on a hard line, and the war against its own people, financed.

this is Precisely Makhlouf reminds the Cousin in the second Video: “Can anyone imagine that the secret service apparatus of the company followed by Rami Makhlouf?”, he asks, rhetorically. Finally, he had been the “largest donor during the war. But, unfortunately, things have changed.” Agents had arrested employees of his company, to exert pressure.

The dispute could be for the Regime to be dangerous

to pay, it should actually be Easy for Makhlouf – but after he offered in the first Video, you will directly to his Cousin dissipate, he refuses to pay now. This leaves observers to conclude that there is discord in the family, far more could go than to attempt the almost destitute state, to generate additional revenue.

Some suggest that Assad’s wife Asma behind the cabal, others are sure that Makhlouf Russia or Iran came in the way of the two allies, of which Assad is dependent. The dispute for the Regime could be dangerous, whispers Makhlouf in his second Video: “If we continue like this, will be the Situation in the country – in the case of God – a very difficult one.”

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