The ARC confirms its 35 edition for the month of November 2020


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The thirty-fifth edition of the regatta Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, ARC, has confirmed its conclusion for the next month of November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as a port of departure.

The rally, the yacht will have three exits from the city on days 8, 15 and 22 of November, to ensure the protocols of prevention of the Covid-19, with a participation of around 200 yachts cruising and more than a thousand crew members.

As has informed the organizer of this rally, maritime, World Cruising Club, which, for the first time, you will have three departures heading to the Caribbean to guarantee the marina of the Port of Las Palmas, the protocols of prevention derived from the health crisis of the coronavirus.

The ARC has adapted its security protocols to the current health crisis and shall require all participants to the enforcement of the measures and restrictions of the Spanish authorities to avoid infections and situations of risk during their stay in the capital.

World Cruising Club has planned to announce the next 31 July, the port or ports of arrival of the race, because until the moment it is not guaranteed the landing end of the fleet at the island of St. Lucia, as it was normal, so is weighing the possibility that the ARC has several ports of destination.

The departure of the fleet to 2020 will be in three groups to relieve the pressure on the port facilities and to facilitate the detachment physical within the marina.

In this way, the ARC+ set sail on the 8th of November; the ARC group, with the monohulls cruise of less than 60 feet (18,2 m), will the 15 of November and the last exit, ARC group B, with the multihulls and monohulls, cruising to more than 60 feet, you will depart on the 22nd of November.

Each group of output will have a maximum of 90 yachts, and the organization will design the technical program and activities adapted to ensure the distancing interpersonal.

inspections will Be carried out and monitoring the health of participants daily, prior to departure and during the voyage.

The organizers have announced in addition that will be required to have the crew test the Covid-19 and will increase hygienic measures in the offices and dependencies of the ARC in the marina.

The councillor of Tourism, Pedro Quevedo, has highlighted that this is a “very good news” and re-confirm that the capital and its port are safe and are “perfectly prepared to keep sporting events of these features in compliance with all the security protocols established to curb the pandemic.”

The mayor has concluded that “the arrival of the crews, will help to promote the economy of many companies that provide services to the ships and the leisure sector of tourism” .