The animal law will only affect to the company


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Alliance Rural has had a meeting with the director general of Animal Rights, is Sergio Garcia , in the framework of the drafting of the future Law of welfare and animal protection in the headquarters of the Ministry of and Social Rights Agenda 2030.

the meeting was attended by, on the part of Alliance’s Rural areas, the rancher, Ricardo del Rio as directors of the entity and its executive committee-Lucia Martín, José Carlos Caballero, John Herrera and Manuel Luque-. The representatives of Alliance Rural moved to “concerns that had arisen in the first place, the creation of a directorate-general of animal rights and, also, the drafting of a law that would interfere in the animal production, or in the future rules of animal welfare”.

The director general specified that the content of the law is confined exclusively to the pet . The objectives of the standard are the elimination of the abandonment of animals and the control and identification of companion animals. Also, it was agreed to share the draft of the law after the summer period.

Alliance Rural ” is an entity with legal form and with a plan of professional action. It is the single voice and representative of the rural sector Spanish , whose sectors add up to more than ten million people in Spain. It is structured around strategic sectors such as agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting or forestry. According to the reports on their website, rise as the voice of the rural world, the dignification of people in the field, the respect for their traditions and usages are the challenges most relevant of Alliance Rural.

According to reports in the press release, “this entity arises as a response to the abandonment of the administrations to rural sector and the silencing information in the media which has as consequence a lack of social visibility, mainly in the cities, and a few social agents completely away from the rural environment”.

Both parties agreed on the need to establish a clear and precise definition of “pet animal” in order not to interfere with the specific legislation of animal welfare on animal production, work and sport.