the Misunderstanding, criticism, and anger following a decision by Freddie Benjamin, a 22-year-old influencer and actor from the united Kingdom. In the talk show ‘Good morning Britain’, he told me that learning about the Second world War, is bad for the mental health of millennials.

“It was a very difficult situation, and in the Second world War. I don’t want anyone to think that I was disrespectful towards me, but I do remember that I was there as a child and had to learn it and thought, ” this is so intense,” says the Freddie and Bentley, who are concerned that these violent issues, the mental issues of the young people to be able to make it worse. “I don’t think that is the indication of the number of people killed during the Second world War, the situation is going to improve.”

According to the young actor, and the horrors of the Second world War to be horrific for them. He believes, therefore, that the schools don’t teach would have to give up on the world.

“There are so many problems in the world, such as the Brexit, or climate change. There will be at the school and almost nothing at all said about it. When I graduated, I knew not what I have in my life to make it.”

the Criticism on social media

in The interview, it was not yet quite over, but the young man on social media have already been attacked by the outraged audience. “Dear God, where is he anyway?”, wrote a a person. “How can he be the Brexit compared with a global conflict, millions of lives? It is seriously time for him to grow up.”

Or even:“, even though It was a crime to be a Holocaust denying, it is now also a criminal offence to kill during the world wars, the cases do not have to remember.”

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