The rain forest is their prey, loggers and ranchers encroach further and further into the rain forest and devastate more areas than ever. President Bolsonaro wants to legalize the theft of land, even at the expense of the indigenous inhabitants.Christoph Gurk0 comment more than twice as much deforested rain forest areas, such as 2019: the sawmill at Humaitá, in the North-West of Brazil.Photo: Ueslei Marcelino (Reuters)

a Lot of you don’t know about the Ituna-Itatá. The indigenous community living in voluntary isolation deep within the Brazilian Amazon rain forest. How many people belong to the ethnic group is unknown, no one knows how the Ituna-Itatá even call. With all these ambiguities, one thing is certain: the habitat of The Ituna-Itatá is severely threatened.

142’000 hectares is the area in which you live. Untouched forest as far as the eye can see, so at least the theory, finally, the Terra Indígena Ituna-Itatá is under protection; Outsiders are allowed to enter the area only with a special permit. The reality however looks different. Images of the environmental organization Greenpeace show burning forests and billows of smoke over the treetops. Greenpeace has documented the destruction with Pictures and maps. 12’000 hectares of forest were destroyed last year. The power Ituna-Itatá to the sad record holder as the most destroyed indigenous territory in Brazil in the year 2019, but at the same time a particularly dramatic example of a man-made or natural disaster.

the protection of the environment is continuously

from The Situation of the Amazon rain forest was already in the past years difficult, but the situation has worsened in the Wake of the global Corona-crisis once again. While the attention of the world public in the battle against the ever-spreading Virus, penetrate the loggers, gold miners and cattle ranchers deeper into the Amazon rain forest. In January, February, March, and April of this year, satellite photos of the Brazilian space research Institute Inpe evidence of the grubbing-up of around 1200 square kilometers the jungle. As much as never before since the start of 2015 and an increase of more than 50 percent compared to the year 2019; however, this was also a bad year for the rain forest.

Since he took office at the beginning of last year, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro does little to stop the destruction. He sees in the Amazon is a treasure that should finally be lifted. The extreme right-wing politicians want to exploit the Region economically, especially for the powerful agricultural industry. Bolsonaro has to thank for its rise of the cattle and soy barons, and now he should return the favor, with new areas for livestock and fields. In addition, mine operators want to get to the treasures that lie dormant among the roots of the forest giants.

environmental laws were different from Bolsonaro and his Cabinet, that is continuously, and authorities for the Protection weakened. Soon the consequences of this policy were: thousands of hectares of forest went up in the middle of last year, in flames, and dense clouds of smoke darkened even far away metropolises such as São Paulo. The world was startled. Because the Amazon rain forest is huge, but also extremely fragile. Furthermore, if the forest is cut down, could tilt the whole Ecosystem from the rainforest, a Savannah – with unpredictable consequences for the whole of humanity would.

Who cares in times of a pandemic for the legalization of illegally occupied pastures and Fields?

environmentalists, researchers and policy-makers suggested, therefore, Alarm. There were protests against the fires, and even calls to Boycott Brazilian products. Unwilling President Bolsonaro had to act finally. He issued a 60-day ban on the Burning of forest land in the rain forest, and sent troops, with the success of the grubbing-up took off, the flames extinguished. However as soon as the soldiers were back in their barracks, as the loggers and ranchers started all over again, unabated.

This year, Brazil’s government has responded earlier. Earlier this week, she has ordered troops to the forest protection in the Amazon region. But at the same time a whole number is to be adopted of laws and initiatives that threaten the forest and the people living there solid. A project to allow companies to mine in the Indian areas for minerals and Oil, without the peoples living there would have a bigger say. At the same time the state authority has adopted for the protection of Indigenous new rules that make it easier for land occupiers in the areas of Indigenous, to come to a legal title. And finally, the “MP 910”, a decree issued by Bolsonaro in December, which provides a kind of Amnesty for the country of robbers in the whole of the Amazon region is still there. Even though a continuation was arrested this week after a lot of Protest from the agenda of the Brazilian Congress, is Bolsonaro try more, the decree in a law convert. Because the Moment is favorable. Who cares in times of a pandemic for the legalization of illegally occupied pastures and Fields?

the forest after slash-and-burn at Porto Velho in the Brazilian state of Rondonia in September 2019.Photo: Bruno Kelly (Reuters)

Brazil was the first country in Latin America, in the in patients Covid-19 was diagnosed. To not weaken the economy, imposed by the government, to date, no country-wide quarantine, Jair Bolsonaro, referred to the Virus long as Grippchen, and the governors who have imposed block output, called it a job killer. In the meantime, the Situation is dramatic, almost 180’000 officially registered cases, there are currently more than 12’000 people have already died. Faster and faster, the pathogen spreads, for a long time, he arrived in the Amazon. There he met, especially the metropolis of Manaus, the Dead are buried in mass graves, the health system is collapsing, and there is growing concern that the pandemic will die to a mass in the indigenous communities throughout the country could lead.

If the woodcutters and gold miners penetrate deeper into areas such as Ituna-Itatá, then you not only have to bring chain saws and gasoline as a fire accelerant, but also pathogens such as the novel Coronavirus. In the traditionally tight communities living together, it could spread rapidly, and all the groups and communities could be wiped out, if Outsiders Covid-19 in their areas, says Carolina Marçal of Greenpeace. The Brazilian government would not turn a blind eye, but the country of robbers, loggers, and gold prospectors even to facilitate the work. “Bolsonaro is a criminal and must be stopped,” says Marçal, to the benefit of the people, but also for the benefit of the forest.

indeed, it were mainly the members of the traditional communities, who protected the forest, to defend with force of arms, but also, by exerting pressure on authorities, their special rights. But now, more and more peoples out of fear, retreat before the infection deeper into the woods. Lumberjacks and gold miners have, therefore, now, in many areas largely free. The Coronavirus does not seem to be afraid of you, and now you also realized that you need to have before the government, which is supposed to protect the territories of the Indigenous and the forest, no fear.

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