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Stewart Copeland , one of the best drummers in the world and a member of the legendary trio The Police , was born in Virginia (united States) in 1952, but spent her childhood in the Middle East. His family went to live in Cairo (Egypt) at the bit to come into the world, and, in 1957, was installed in Beirut (Lebanon). There he started to learn to play their instrument at the age of eight, and already twelve gave concerts with the band the Nomads in the American Beach Club of the lebanese capital, always soaking up your style with the rhythms of the arab to distinguish the heap on the scene pop. At that time I did not know exactly how he made the bread his father, who had been a trumpet player and had worked with artists of the calibre of Glenn Miller, but when he discovered it, all the pieces fell into place. Traveled both because his father had a profession very particular: it was nothing less than a spy of the CIA.

Copeland has spoken with The Guardian on this episode of your life, without knowing it, he probably should have run the danger.

His father, miles Copeland, had the mission to destabilize the region through various operations of espionage . It had an important role in the cessation of a number of political posts in Iran and Syria, its two main objectives, and rubbed shoulders with important figures such as president Nasser of Egypt or the soviet spy Kim Philby, whose children were friends of the little Stewart during those years in Beirut.

miles Copeland as he talked about his past as a spy in an interview with Rolling Stone in 1986, where he made a revelation quite unmerciful and frightening that had to put in stocks to his son and his companions to The Police: you are not came up with another thing to say that the group was in reality a kind of command psychological operations (psy-ops) that inoculaba subliminal messages through his lyrics. Now your child laughs with that story, but he knows that the dangerous way of life his father was film, and has tried to take her to the cinema. However, there have been problems with the financing because he demanded that the film have any connection with The Police, something that Stewart was not going to accept in any way. So that has become the story in a podcast of nine chapters that can be heard in the platform Audible.

The father of Stewart, miles Copeland Jr, was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1916. During the second world war, was a u.s. agent stationed in London, where he was involved in the disinformation campaign that preceded the D-day , and married an intelligence agent scottish call Lorraine Adie, who later became an archaeologist (and mother of Stewart). When the war ended, Thousands became one of the first recruits of the CIA and was sent to Syria, returning to the Middle East in successive missions, the last accompanied by all his family.

After leaving the CIA in 1957, Thousands became a consultant that is well paid and he worked as a journalist, and his family never knew what had been done until he told her everything in the book “The game of nations” , which became a sales success. Stewart assures that he felt no rancor at know the true story of his father, “Not lied to us, simply not told us the whole story. The truth is that you never ask. It may be surprising, and to me surprising, that what is true and that we don’t think much of that.” In fact, in his podcast, the partner of Sting shows in a transparent manner to the admiration now felt for their father, emphasizing the cunning southern charm that helped Thousands to thrive as a spy while being the father of a family.

Stewart Copeland – ABC

Although the CIA has been dotted with constant scandals and has not always had good press among young people, Stewart ensures that you always thought that the father of his work was “all business”. “ I Think our back people described the Copeland as monsters right , but I got along pretty well with everyone,” he says. Even when he was famous, except for the following exceptions: “Decades later, I remember having spent time with Rage Against the Machine, and Zack de la Rocha was looking at me so weird, but the other guys were friendly. His main problem was that I played polo”. Who knows, maybe De la Rocha didn’t see Copeland with good eyes because it was reported on his father and found this statement in his famous interview with Rolling Stone: “ My only complaint with regard to the CIA is that it is not overthrown enough governments anti-american or killing enough leaders anti-american, but I guess I’m getting old”.

In any case, Stewart fondly remembers that time in The Lebanon. Right now you are trying to locate their old friends in Beirut , the children of the spy Philby, to revive the relationship.

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