The airlines need to wear masks to sell on the aircraft


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airlines should carry a sufficient amount of surgical face masks or protection than that in the planes for sale passengers who need it, especially on long-haul flights. This is one of the measures included in the operational guidelines for the management of passengers and aviation personnel by the Covid-19 that the State Air Security Agency (Easa) has published this Friday in the Official State Bulletin (BOE).

Before boarding, the airline should remind passengers that they must have surgical masks sufficient for the entire journey, and if you do not be able to acquire on the plane.

they should Also remember that when the replace the deposit in bags enabled and not throw them to the ground of the cab or leave them on the seats, and include in their demonstrations of safety the conditions of use in emergency situations.

The airline will have to prevent access to the plane to passengers not wearing a surgical mask, or more protective, and “in as much as possible and in function of the occupancy of the flight”, to procure the greatest distance possible physical among the passengers, unless they are members of the same family, people who live or companions of people with reduced mobility.

During the flight, you should limit, where possible, the mobility of the passenger, thus minimizing your possible exposure, and to reduce to the maximum the on-board service tant.

The service on-board will not have the sale of duty-free goods, or other non-essential, there will be a reduced service of food and drinks , preferably pre-packaged and sealed, and whenever possible should be avoided to payments that are in cash.

airlines will also have to coordinate with the manager, airport protocols in order to avoid that the passengers are on board without adequate ventilation for more than 30 minutes, and will be required before the flight and preferably before arrival at the airport the declaration of covid-19 that has been enabled, and to inform of the consequences of making a false statement. In addition to that may be rejected if they detect symptoms of having the coronavirus.

Must inform passengers of flights to airports in Spain with international origin of the obligation of access to the app spain travel health-spth to collect the health data and contact of the passenger and of the consequences of missing it and, if they have not been able to complete before coming to Spain, the airline must provide the form.

Protocol for suspected cases

Similarly, in case of detecting a suspected case of coronavirus on board before take-off shall inform the authorities and to keep lists of passengers for a minimum of four weeks after the trip, to facilitate them to public health authorities that require it.

If it is detected after take-off that a passenger has symptoms compatible with Covid-19 is sealed off and, depending on the occupancy and configuration of the aircraft, you need to define an isolation area. If possible, will sit the passenger in the window seat of the last row , and the bathroom closest to him must be for him.

If the passenger suspect is traveling accompanied, their companions will also be confined in the isolation area, even if they have no symptoms.

You will have to choose a member of the crew who treats you among those who have had no prior contact with the passenger suspect, who should use a personal protective equipment (EPI).

After landing, the passenger is isolated and the members of the crew must follow the instructions that will provide them with the health authorities.

The passengers who sat two seats of the suspected case should be interviewed if it is confirmed the case, and if you are discovered, more cases among the passengers should consider making a follow-up to all those who were on the flight.