Some dates are said to be “cursed”. In any case, certain days of the year are condemned to carry a heavy burden.

In history, many unfortunate events tend to occur at the same time of year, filling the timeline with more painful memories.

In our slideshow, discover the ephemerides of 9 dates where tragic events seem to recur year after year, according to an article by Topito.

There are even, according to certain superstitions, “cursed years”, such as, for example, those ending in “15”, notes the website

Everyone remembers the terrorist attacks that mourned the country in 2015. In 1915, France was also at its worst, mired in an all-out war and suffering an unprecedented economic crisis.

1815 is not to be outdone: that year, Napoleon’s army suffered a crushing defeat against the Prussian-British troops at Waterloo. France is therefore occupied.

In 1715, the Sun King, Louis XIV, died of gangrene, while a war of succession raged in Spain.

In 1615, a civil war broke out in France. 100 years earlier, the Swiss attacked the French army: 16,000 dead. 1415 will also be the year of another battle with tragic results, between France and England. Finally, in 1315, the country was hit by torrential rains: hundreds of French people perished in the floods, or ended up declaring famine.

Apart from the calendar, certain figures would also bring certain misfortune. We often evoke, in this respect, the number 13, the 666, number of the “beast”, or even the number 4, in China. The cause ? It is pronounced “if”, just like the word “death” in Mandarin.