Mobile plan offers are constantly fluctuating, and the number of operators has multiplied in recent years. More and more users are turning to so-called “no-commitment” packages, for which there is no charge for terminating the contract, regardless of its effective duration.

Besides, given the new offers constantly emerging on the market, it is never really advantageous to subscribe to a package with commitment. Many of the brands of established operators are therefore increasingly offering these two “types” of packages. Bouygues Telecom, for example, alongside its “sensation” offer, has added a range of “B

Other operators are renewing not only their offer, but also their image, as is the case for example with the SFR sub-brand called Red, which describes itself as SFR’s “digital brand”. The contracts offered by Red are non-binding, but this type of package was already offered by the parent company: the main difference between the two not really being the service offered, but above all the target customers.

These non-binding packages offer low prices, with the option to tailor the contract to your needs. Indeed, options can be added to a basic plan for only a few euros, which allows, for example, to increase the number of calls abroad, to install parental controls, or to have access to 5G.

Most of these contracts also offer number retention, even if it has been put into service by another operator. Changing contract, or at least regularly checking if there is not better, is strongly advised, especially if you have been subscribing to the same offer for more than a year! Planet has therefore selected the best offers for you at less than 5 euros per month.