Google Maps-like be useful to it. Now has the service provider from the search engine giant is a twenty-year-old murder case in Florida to help solve it. The footage of a sunken car, and that will mean a real breakthrough in the case.

The 40-year-old William Moldt, was reported missing in Florida on november 7, 1997. He was on the night uitgeweest, but it didn’t come back home. The police do a investigation but for 22 years of William no trace of him.
William Moldt. Image: “RR”

you can To some one, the police are told that there is a sunken vehicle was located in a pond of water in the Moon Bay Circle, Wellington. The car was hoisted up and into the vehicle, were actually human remains. Who is William Moldt.

as it turned out, a man by the Google Earth car was in the water. “Amazingly, the car was all the time in front of the Google Earth’s satellite since 2007. But no one had noticed it until now, what it sounds like. According to the police, it would be the man in control of his steering wheel and lost in the water. “Though it can be difficult to fully understand what happened so many years ago.”

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