An incredible media destiny written down on paper. Paul El Kharrat is one of the most outstanding candidates of the 12 noon shots on TF1. From his first participation on April 29, 2019, he had a phenomenal career in the game hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, accumulating 691,522 euros in winnings and gifts in 153 participations.

An incredible track record that has earned him the darling of viewers. On this occasion, Paul El Kharrat published his book My 153rd victory, in September 2020 at Harper Collins editions. An autobiography in which the ex-candidate with Asperger’s syndrome speaks with emotion about his experience and his incredible destiny in Les 12 coups de midi.

The opportunity for the fourth greatest champion of the game to make some revelations about Jean-Luc Reichmann, who saw him evolve for almost six months in the studio. With Télé Loisirs, he did not hesitate to say what he thinks about the host, behaving like “a chef” on the set. Planet tells you everything.

In 2020, Paul El Kharrat affirmed for Télé Loisirs. “I don’t censor, if something bothers me, I’m not going to say the good sides of a person!”, Before specifying. “With what I could say about him, he could have gotten angry. It’s rather good news that he took it well.” In the pages of his book, Paul regrets the attitude of a “very eager” towards the 59-year-old host, seen as “a sacred person” by the sometimes annoyed author. “It could come from the attitude of the other people present on the set who can annoy me. Some wanted Jean-Luc to be as good as possible even if it meant falling into ridicule, that’s what pissed me off”.

However, his frankness in no way hurt Jean-Luc Reichmann who appreciated the work of the candidate. “He appreciated it, he said it was well written and that it was interesting. Afterwards I didn’t insult him, so it’s fine”, recognizes the candidate who invested his earnings and sold most of his gifts. But, where is their friendship today?

On October 12, Paul El Kharrat published his third book Welcome to my world, at HarperCollins Editions. The opportunity for the former autistic champion Asperger to talk about his daily life with this handicap. However, the Grenoblois does not seem to have his tongue in his pocket and says what he thinks frankly.

Asked by Télé Star, Paul El Kharrat returned to his relations in the middle of the PAF. “At the moment, I can’t be friends with people. I’m friends with one person, me,” he said before discussing his friendship with Jean-Luc Reichmann. “Why would I be friends with Jean-Luc Reichmann? We haven’t spoken to each other for nearly a year for all sorts of reasons that I won’t reveal. I have no direct or privileged contact with this man.

Words that suggest that there are tensions between the young man of 23 years and the sexagenarian, the latter having written the preface to his first book. Further, the young writer does not hesitate to swing on the atmosphere behind the scenes of the 12 noon shots. “It was a pathetic pseudo-family, a semblance of good relations between individuals. A kind of societal hypocrisy”.

If the former candidate no longer intends to participate in the special programs of TF1, he prefers to turn to his activities as a columnist on RTL. “I am at the Big Heads regularly and I have also taken part in the holidays organized with the members”, he assures. “All this allowed me to have rapprochements with Laurent Ruquier that I never had with Jean-Luc Reichmann, with whom we never left the facilitator-student relationship”.