A sluikstort that will be reported via the smartphone app, Ivago, in half of the cases of the two-day clean up. Three-quarters of the reports within a maximum of five days to resolve.

That is to say, Ward Van Driessche, Kenny Helsens, two members of the belgian IT-company-In-The-Pocket, and in a remarkable analysis. The two looked at the details of the sluikstort app, Ivago, two years ago, it has been launched. The information will be automatically opened up by the internet.

in the last two years have been nearly more than 45,000 reports, approximately 490 per week. “The program is a huge success,” said the other. “The average length of time in which to Ivago respond to a message, which seems to us to be very successful.


On the basis of the analysis indicates that the notification is the fastest way to be finished in the Bank, Sint-Amandsberg and in Wondelgem, even though there are not enough data available to study in detail. “One of the reasons why it sometimes takes longer, that is, the sluikstort is located on private property or on a property that is difficult to access.”

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about half of all messages is going to be about the normal rubbish that is on the road back home. Ten per cent of the cases, going to be the furniture. “Our analysis shows that the shopping carts, a material with a basis of asbestos or dead animals, the fastest way is to be cleared up.”

optimize Routes.

in their analysis, like Van Driessche, and Helsens, to demonstrate that the information provided in the application from Ivago produce, even more can be employed, inter alia, the routes, the Ivago-ophaalploegen tune-up.

in the next 24 hours, all illegal, get, has no ambition, which is said Ivago before. The sluikstort app to be able to be used as a sort of pick-up.