“If we have a normally cold, or very cold winter, we will not be able to do without load shedding”. This was stated by Philippe Page le Mérour, secretary of the EDF committee, during the company’s Social and Economic Council which was held this Thursday, October 13, 2022, as reported by Midi Libre.

Thus, according to this framework, power cuts would be inevitable for the coming winter. And this despite the efforts of the French to reduce their energy consumption. Thus, even in the event of a “normally cold” winter, many departments could occasionally find themselves without electricity.

Faced with this unprecedented situation, some French people are worried and have many questions. This is particularly the case of Catherine, a Ile-de-France resident who is particularly worried about her secondary residence located in Normandy.

“I’m particularly fond of home automation. I control my whole house from my phone,” she explains. “When I go there, I always turn on the heating before I arrive, I start a lot of things with my phone.”, she continues.

“If I don’t have electricity in Normandy, how do I turn on my heating and control everything?” Catherine asks. Likewise, his house is equipped with an electric gate. In the event of power cuts, she therefore fears not being able to return. “If there is no electricity when we arrive, we will have to force the gate and honestly I don’t know how we could do it,” she laments.

In her country house, Catherine is equipped with an alarm system that sends a notification to her phone in the event of an intrusion. It is therefore a matter of concern for the Ile-de-France region. “If there is no more electricity, that means there is no alarm either.”, she regrets, before adding “how far away, that ‘worried a lot’.

However, another worry is also quite common. But this one can be more surprising since it is about pets which, in some cases, can be in danger in the event of a power cut.

Karine, a young Parisian, is also equipped with a connected camera in her apartment. Only this one does not have the same utility. “As I’m rarely at home and I work a lot, I installed a small camera to always keep an eye on my dog.”, she explains. “It reassures me a lot and in the event of a power cut I could no longer monitor it and that worries me,” she confides.

For Catherine, it is other animals that this can endanger. “I have always loved aquariums and fish,” she begins. “When you have tropical fish, the water must be at a certain temperature and neon lights with certain lighting. A power outage can be fatal for certain species because the temperature will not be maintained.”, regrets. -she.