Cost of living, inflation, cracks, debts… The savings of French women and men are undermined by many hazards. Elise, 31, is no exception to this logic: worse still, she lives far beyond her means. Bookseller in a small village in the Tarn, the young woman earns around 1800 euros net per month, and her expenses break down as follows:

In her most difficult months, Elise therefore has a living allowance of 450 euros… Which she squanders on expenses that she gladly qualifies as “futile”: “I exceed 400 euros worth of clothes per month, even when I had a more comfortable salary I ended up in the red at the end of the month, as I was used to a small salary I wanted to make the most of it”, she explains.

“Even when I do my shopping I have luxury tastes, I like to eat well, I buy good quality salmon and cheese for example, there are things on which I am demanding”, says the 30-year-old. . “Same for everything that is social life, I find it difficult to ignore and not go to the restaurant, go for drinks …”, she continues.

This can be explained by a certain number of bad habits adopted by the Tarn bookseller who claims to have “the madness of spending”…

Indebted by a consumer loan of 10,000 euros taken five years ago, Elise regrets having “rinsed” this sum to make an extra salary when she was paid the minimum wage. “I still wanted to have a nice life, so I made transfers to myself every month… In the end, I repaid, on top of that, this famous loan, so it was a double loss of money”, says the Bookseller. Today, he has nothing left of the amount originally borrowed to furnish his apartment.

But where does this inability to save money really come from?

“I could put at least 100, even 50 euros aside, but I don’t think about it, I always crack up, it’s a shame because all this time I could have saved a lot of money”, regrets Elise.

This year, Elise is determined to reverse the fate: “I have made resolutions and this year will be the year of savings and sobriety!”, announces the young woman with confidence.