As tradition dictates, the Christmas holiday season starts at the beginning of December. For some artists like Mariah Carey, it’s the perfect time to warm up the vocal cords on All Saints’ Day before yet another cover of the hit All I want for Christmas is you. But, for some die-hards, the festivities begin as soon as Christmas films are broadcast on television in the fall.

This year, the magic of the Christmas holidays operated several months in advance, on Sunday October 16 on TMC. A week later, TF1 launched its annual marathon on Monday, October 24 by broadcasting a new, Christmas with a prince. An unmissable meeting for Yolande, one of our readers who does not hide her pleasure. “I discovered Christmas movies, really two years ago since I retired,” says the former sixty-year-old accountant for Planet.

Bathed in the magic of Christmas since childhood, Yolande likes to watch family fiction during the holidays. If the retiree assumes this guilty pleasure, she finds time to watch these films at any time. In the morning when you wake up, at noon after the 1 p.m. newspaper or in the evening before sleeping, it is a great passion. “I must have watched fifty, even sixty,” admits this film buff.

“When I want to relax, I have a good time and it allows me to be in my bubble”, she admits. For Planet, Yolande reveals her tips for watching her favorite films alone (and sometimes with her family) as the holidays approach. In the fall, our reader turned to her TV magazine to stock up on new things. “If there are films that I don’t know, I note them in a notebook. Then I organize my schedule according to their distribution to watch them, according to the content”, explains the ex-accountant.

And, Yolande is spoiled for choice. Between the unreleased TF1 like Christmas at the Enchanted Castle and The Surprise Christmas Guest (broadcast in mid-October), she also appreciates classics like The Christmas Angel. What does he like about this kind of fiction? “The very festive atmosphere. I like the sets and the plots” without forgetting “the family spirit, the party and the gifts”, which she finds in each film, especially in American culture. “Even if the story is sad, there is always a happy ending.”

To watch her soap operas all year round, Yolande advises us to record them on television, if possible. “Last year, I recorded some of them. It allowed me to watch them even after the holidays”. When she has no more space to save, she turns to Netflix to have more choices in the catalog. “I like watching it on the platform. It was my son who introduced me to it and thanks to him, I selected a lot of films to watch”.

As for those who find Christmas movies corny, our reader prefers to smile. “It’s rather festive and it puts balm in the heart, because it’s Christmas every year”. In the sun or in the snow, don’t forget the hot chocolate and your cozy blanket to enjoy the holidays in peace!