Fuel shortage: in recent days, the word is on everyone’s lips, and the subject of all conversations. Due to a strike at several refineries in France, many service stations have not been properly supplied for almost a week. And at the pump, there is nothing left for motorists in need of gasoline.

Dry stations have thus been forced to close, others are accepting cars bit by bit, and the authorities have even adopted a series of measures to “regulate” the influx of motorists and allow everyone to fill, at least, its tank.

For instance :

But for now, despite these new rules, it is the cross and the banner for many French people. Endless queues, fear of getting stranded and saving every centilitre… Planet interviewed six autombolists from all walks of life to find out how they were coping with this critical situation. Discover their testimonials and tips in our slideshow.

And they haven’t finished having to dodge the fuel shortage. Monday, October 10, strikers at the Total refinery in Le Havre voted to renew their strike. And even if the negotiations promised by the government bear fruit, it will be necessary to wait several days for the stations in France to be delivered correctly again, and for the situation to return to normal.