almost ten years after the death of Michael Jackson, a documentary dealing with old abuse allegations against the pop star. The Film “Leaving Neverland” will celebrate in two weeks at the Sundance film festival Premiere, and in the spring when HBO run. Jackson was friends with Wade Robson and James safe Chuck friends when they were seven and ten years old, HBO on the Film. Today, over 30 years old, men and their families told in the documentation, such as Jackson should have abused the boy sexually assaulted. The musician died in 2009 at the age of 50 years.

Jackson, administrator of the estate attacked the creators of the film sharp. “This is a sensational production in the outrageous and pathetic attempt, Michael Jackson to exploit and beat him to the capital” shared the “People”magazine, according to. “Wade Robson and James safe Chuck have both testified under oath that Michael’s behavior towards you is never inappropriate.”

The dancers and choreographer Wade Robson had freed Jackson under oath by the pedophilia suspect, him 2013 accused of abuse. In support of his amended statement, he said that the “King of Pop” have him subjected to at the time, a kind of brainwashing. The computer programmer James safe Chuck had accused Jackson of 2014, according to “People”magazine to have him at the age of ten abused. He had visited Jackson on several paid trips and him on a concert tour.