From the dream of a white Christmas: On the weekend of the fourth Sunday in Advent, and on Christmas eve it’s supposed to be rainy and very mild. “The prospects for Christmas look rather sad,” said meteorologist Andreas Friedrich by the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach on Tuesday. To be expected on Christmas eve, temperatures ten to 15 degrees, it’s going to rain again.

Even on the holidays, no improvement, therefore, is in sight. Because, although cooler air to Germany flows: “chances of snow, there is only the edge of the Alps and the ore mountains, on about 600 to 800 meters.”

According to the forecasts of the Deep “Pia came up to the coming weekend,” the rain in tow. On Wednesday are expected, according to the DWD in the case of many clouds, then the maximum values of three to eight, in the Rhineland of up to ten degrees. Only in the South-East it is with the zero degrees is significantly colder. In the night ice on the road in danger here is also fixed.