In the fitness Studio I took part recently in a Workout. Eager as I was, and because I wanted to see the coach, well, placed me in the first row – a fatal mistake, as it turned out. The hour was tiring, and soon came to the sweating and I also quite a breath. The Trainer was not-to my amazement different. When you Breathe in, he gave off an incredible smell of the mouth, the sweet putrid Aroma over wafted to us, and robbed us of more the breath as the Workout itself. The reason for this smell was for me obvious. His lower lip was zerlöchert by many metal Piercings. Whether one finds the well nice or not, is another question. Anyway, each of these small tunnels in the lip lazy smells. When you Speak, you could clearly hear the clattering of the metal on his teeth. His teeth were attacked, the gums had pulled back and was inflamed.

you know What, half of all the Piercings it comes to complications. The risks to a Piercing and to wear, are considerable.

Piercings stuck in the tongue, lips, nose, eyebrows, nipples, navel and genitals. The intervention is a targeted bodily injury and one hundred percent with surgery comparable. In addition to the normal SURGICAL risks, the unusual injury places the Piercing, and the dangers of the Introduction of a third-party brings to the body. Add to this that often medical laypersons lend a Hand and often with a lack of Hygiene – it can lead to infections with Hepatitis B, C, Tetanus, tuberculosis and HIV. This is a risk, for example, if non-sterile instruments are used.

But we have a look at the hard facts, side effects, the drives, Pierced in great regularity in the doctor’s offices: piercing jewelry and its fixings should be of stainless steel or titanium. Otherwise, the risk of Nickel Allergy is high, it leads to eczema with itching, redness and blisters. Even Gold is often mixed with Nickel.

each Piercing infection germs danger with aggressive Problem and malodorous wound healing disorders, blood poisoning, a heart inside of the skin, bone marrow or kidney infection, in addition to completely hyped immune system. Here is a course of antibiotic therapy is necessary.

nipple piercings take up to four months to heal navel piercings for up to nine months. The periods are, the wounds go far beyond the healing times of normal OP.

you Want to solve finally, again from the Piercing, it is not easy for old piercing scars gently cut from the face, without new scars; the entire Tunnel needs to be cut out. But it is enclosed, often pitted, so that the new scar is often recovered.