No more calls, emails, SMS or canvassing via social networks for CPF accounts! A bill was adopted in the National Assembly on Thursday, October 6, 2022. It aims to fight against fraud and abuse by telephone canvassers using professional training accounts (CPF). Another objective of the maneuver: to reduce the flow of requests suffered by individuals, explains FranceInfo.

CPFs are very popular. 2 million French people would have registered for training in 2021, reports Capital. Unfortunately, this reputation has led to many scams, frauds and abusive canvassing pushing to buy these formations “and very often conveying erroneous information on the rights of the individual” estimates the deputies Bruno Fuchs, Sylvain Maillard and Thomas Mesnier, at the origin of the proposal.

The Minister Delegate for Education and Vocational Training, Carole Grandjean indicated that she was “very happy to support this law (to) clean up illegal practices that tarnish the image of the CPF”, indicates FranceInfo.

CPFs can be empty shells, only “siphoning public money” according to the media quoted above.

According to Tracfin, the French intelligence service responsible for combating money laundering, the suspicions of fraud identified in 2021 represented the substantial sum of 43.2 million euros. A colossal difference compared to 2020 where they only reached 7.8 million.

The text therefore comes at the right time, but what exactly does it prohibit to deal with this scam?

The unanimous adoption by the 73 deputies in the hemicycle aims to prohibit more precisely: “any commercial prospecting of holders of a personal training account” reports FranceInfo. It would be for Bruno Fuchs: “to return to the fundamentals: it is the account holder who decides on his training and who makes the decision to contact an organization”.

On the other hand, he reassures, the ambition is not “to prohibit companies from promoting their training”, but only those which clearly mention the eligibility of training via the CPF.

Beware of those who do not respect the ban…

The note could be steep for companies that do not respect the bill recently passed by the National Assembly. To deal with abusive canvassing, the law contains penalties.

Thus, for non-compliance with the standard, organizations could be fined up to “375,000 for a legal person”. Individuals are also affected: the penalty can reach 75,000 euros” in their case, reports FranceInfo.