A series of new measures to protect you. Telephone canvassing is a scourge for many French people, disturbed from morning to evening and who no longer know what to do to finally be at peace. Registration on Bloctel, strategy for not being called back, numbers to block… Tricks exist to get rid of these repeated calls, but they are not always as effective as we would like.

In recent weeks, new measures have been announced for 2023 regarding cold calling. The first concerns the hours at which you may be disturbed at home, starting March 1:

This is good news for all those who are disturbed early in the morning or at mealtimes, but of course the measure must be respected by all telephone platforms. Other rules should also be taken into account by those approaching you:

As Planet explained to you a few weeks ago, telephone canvassing platforms will no longer have the right, as of January 1, to use numbers starting with 06 and 07 to call you. The latter will indeed be reserved for interpersonal communications.

In a decision of September 1, the regulatory authority for electronic communications, post and press distribution (Arcep) explains that telephone platforms will only be able to use certain numbers to canvass you. Be careful, they change depending on the region in which you live. Discover below the new list to remember.