Soon the end of the ball of incessant calls? Friday, October 14, a new decree governing telephone canvassing was published in the Official Journal. It sets new terms for this practice, increasingly decried by consumers, tired of picking up – and hanging up – all day long.

Thus, from March 1, 2023:

But this decree, for Olivier Gayraud, lawyer and head of external relations for the association Consumption Housing Living Environment (CLCV), will certainly not be enough to put an end to the scourge of canvassing.

“We stay on an authorized amplitude of 9 hours, which is considerable, he argues to Planet. Not only are we institutionalizing canvassing, but canvassers will also be able to contact the same consumer four times in the space of 30 days, that’s huge.”

Another aspect of the new decree arouses incomprehension at CLCV. “We are told that if the consumer refuses canvassing, the professional refrains from contacting him for 60 days… And then he can start again. For us, as soon as we refuse it, we should not be contacted again at all.”

And then, these measures do not protect the French from fraudulent SMS other unscrupulous practices. “There are many controls that are carried out in terms of canvassing, but some companies are deliberately out of the loop, they manage to tweak the number that is displayed when they call you, and when you cannot identify the company, we cannot sanction it”, continues the lawyer.

Another problem, noted by the association: “you are told that a person registered on Bloctel cannot receive calls, except in the case of a current contract. But you have to see the interpretation made by the professionals a current contract. Recently, I was canvassed by someone from whom I had bought food 10 years ago!”, Olivier Gayraud is surprised.

For him, this new decree will ultimately not change much. “We are disappointed, the amplitude authorized, it was already the practice… And we authorize the canvassers to contact us constantly. There is no progress for the consumer.”

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