Abusive cold-calling is literally part of the daily life of many of our compatriots: in fact, 40% of French people say they are approached at least once a day, according to TF1.

New regulations will come into force from March 2023: no more canvassing on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays! The times at which you may be called will also be more strictly regulated.

But in the meantime, we will have to deal with it, and there are many tips and tricks unearthed by ingenious Internet users to combat this scourge. One of the most classic techniques is registration on Bloctel, the government list, which is supposed to drastically reduce the frequency of these calls. But this device is unfortunately not 100% effective.

Hanging up right away is also not a very good idea: the canvassers will call you back. However, according to the new regulations, if you explicitly refuse to be contacted during the conversation, the direct sellers will not have the right to call you back after 60 calendar days have passed.

Not picking up at all is also the strategy adopted by some, but it is not easy to implement: in the event of an accident or emergency, you never know who might need to contact us from a number not checked in…

If you have the time, the courage and the determination, follow the example of this pensioner who reverses the roles… He openly makes fun of canvassers, as reported by Pleine Vie. Remember, however, that those you have on the line are only working to earn a living, and that they can’t do anything about it… In addition to transforming a painful situation into a moment of fun, there are tricks that will allow you to limit the risks that direct sellers remind you of.

So find below 6 sentences and tips that will help you appear on the list of numbers classified as “too painful” to canvass, inspired by Bright Side.