The first week of fall has just ended. Now October is showing up. With inflation on food products and the ever-increasing cost of electricity, the government has decided to take measures, among other things, to support the purchasing power of the French.Planet takes stock of the changes announced for the start of of the month. It is often the employees who are concerned, but not only…

The maximum rate at which banks are allowed to lend money has yet to be determined. On the other hand, the Banque de France assured that the rate of wear will be “raised more markedly than last June” reports La Dépêche. Currently, the latter is 2.57% for loans of 20 years and over and 2.60% between 1 and 20 years.

19 euros per day. It was the daily limit authorized to spend the restaurant tickets granted to employees to pay for supermarket shopping, indicates the media quoted above. This ceiling has been reassessed so that from October 1, 2022, it reaches 25 euros. This measure has been expected for some time. Bruno Le Maire had indeed announced that he was in favor of it last July on BFMTV: “In these difficult times for our compatriots, I want to make life less expensive, so I am ready to increase the ceiling from 19 to 25 euros.”

The “prevention passport” will be effective from the beginning of next month. It brings together the certificates, certificates and diplomas obtained by the employee in terms of health and safety at work”, indicated the site of the Service-Public. Job seekers can, in the same way as employees, benefit from this system.

Employer contributions will be deducted for employees, for each overtime worked or for days off waived. Driven by the law on the protection of purchasing power of August 16, 2022, the amount must still be fixed by decree indicates Service-Public. In addition, the measure is only effective for companies between 20 and 249 employees.

Technical inspections will be mandatory for two-wheeled vehicles from October 1st. However, the Ministry of Transport indicated in the columns of La Voix du Nord that this measure will not yet be applicable immediately. The reason ? Garages are not equipped for this. There will therefore be no fine for the moment for a technical control not carried out. Two-wheelers, but also four-wheelers without a license, three-wheeled scooters and motorized quadricycles are affected by this obligation.