Broken? Never before have so many people had access to the Internet. Never before have you been able to exchange more easily. Never before have entrepreneurs earned Online more money, goods, computer scientists are sought-after information easier to access, distances unimportant, times, irrelevant, personal preferences of influential. The Internet has changed humanity in a way that very few other inventions in front of him. Maybe the steam engine or the printing press had a similar meaning – or the discovery of fire.

Alexander Armbruster

responsible editor for business Online.

F. A. Z. Twitter

And the end is not in sight, the keyword is Artificial intelligence: more data, faster computers and more sophisticated Software have triggered a huge expectation in the Computer, compete increasingly in special abilities with the human brain, or even surpass it. The (so far) life-threatening diseases, disasters, predictions, more and more valuable help for everyday life can be. Hopefully.

But something has changed. Who today follows the debates on network and end-users, that is frequently encountered disillusionment, criticism, Despair, doubt, and sometimes despair. Who collects and uses how and by whom data? How is the privacy in the Online world? And to the intellectual property rights to the ideas? Where does all the hate? Who spreads false news? How do we get rid of this? Let’s get rid of this?

Facebook is in the greatest crisis of his soon to be 15 years young history. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has made it almost exactly one year ago in person for the task, to bring the largest social network in the world back in order – as was the public are not aware of the British IT company Cambridge Analytica arrived at the data of tens of millions of Facebook members. The us Congress has not interrogated, only Zuckerberg, but in addition to him, representatives of other major Internet companies, including, most recently, even Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.