“privacy is the Foundation of freedom.” Don Tapscott complains. So, how the Internet is organized and works, not,’s he finds. The people did not have the right to your own (virtual) identity, he speaks of “digital feudalism” in which the powerful companies of today – when it comes to the use of data – these are what were once the landlords.

Tapscott has worked for decades with the digitisation, he has written best-selling books about it. You don’t have to share his opinion, many are so pessimistic. On the other hand, he is using the criticism he has just made during the digital conference DLD in Munich, certainly not alone. The debate about whether social media make the society more closer together or stronger polarize, is in full swing. Network activist Jaron Lanier, for example, advises to immediately delete all of your own Accounts.

“We can’t have a fair society if we do not have our own identity”, postulated, in turn, Tapscott. He complained that the social discourse is more fragmented than a few years ago. And he shows a graph to see how the number of Newspapers is shrinking and on the other hand, the people with information overload.

“A second Era of the digital age”

The gap between the political Right and Left has become greater, the rights would have “the upper hand”. Anyone who listens to him, asks sometimes, whether its criticism on the Internet would really be as big, if not “the Donald Trump Show” (Tapscott) would be, but the Americans had chosen instead a (to him) genehmeren President.