In the discussion of the European approach with American digital companies, the CSU has called for a politician Manfred Weber digital duties. “I could imagine a digital entry fee for Europe, a kind of customs duty on digital services, if you wanted to make on the European market shops,” said Weber on Monday at the digital conference DLD in Munich.

Patrick Bernau

editor responsible for the economy and the “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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Weber any of the CSU is not a member. It can be after the upcoming European election to be President of the EU Commission, because Weber is the top candidate of the conservative group in the European Parliament (EPP). He reckoned that the traditional groups in Europe figures 21 to 22 percent of their income in taxes, digital companies, compared to about 10 percent. This bill, however, criticized from the President of the Ifo Institute, Clemens Fuest,.

tax-invoice of the EU in criticism

The Numbers are the practical behavior of digital groups, but as a theoretical analysis of group taxation in Europe, argues Clemens Fuest. For digital product development, Europe is a lot of tax benefits – anyone who wanted to tax digital companies, could simply start there. The Ifo Institute itself in its invoices anyway to other Numbers: The difference between traditional and digital companies was in truth small.

“There will be losers in the digital development,” said Weber. You would have to be compensated. “We are working on a digital expensive. Emmanuel Macron and Sebastian to go ahead Shortly in Austria.“ Critics warn, however, that other countries could introduce their own taxes on products – including a export could suffer-oriented country such as Germany, for example, its auto companies will in future be taxed elsewhere, is fierce.

Weber wants to be called for “positive regulation”

Weber of digital lobbyists in Europe are more regulatory proposals. “If we introduce rules that say lobbyists are us, what we should not do,” said Weber. “But no one tells us what we should do, in order to protect European companies. We need positive regulation of ideas.“