For Frank Appel, the CEO of the logistics group, Deutsche Post DHL, is a threat to the free world trade, increasing protectionist tendencies in the policy is less than many believe. With a view on the trade policy of the American President Donald Trump Appel makes less than one might expect from the boss of the world operating logistics company.

The Figures, collected the Post itself in their elaborate globalization study, the “Global Connectedness Index”, showed for 2017, clearly, that the world has never been networked before. The Trend is clearly. He let the policy of an individual country does not change: “in Addition, I know of no other country that would ever become by the protectionism of rich,” said Appel at the digital conference DLD in Munich.

However, Germany is a mistake that most people stop after the end of the school time with Learning. “This no longer works in an increasingly digitised world, we need a lot more training, who accompany us during the whole working life”, called Appel. The world was changing much too fast to build to the fact that there is a profession that you have learned, even in ten years ‘ time.

If Algorithms texts writing

Since it’s delivery drivers from the package cars are not unlike journalists. The a might be threatened by a fully automatic and Autonomous delivery, the other by Algorithms, which could write down the lyrics better and faster than human journalists. These examples are, ultimately, all professions are transferable and continuing education and training is the only answer.

more money needed to be spent than in the past. At the same time, it’ll be through Online courses, the easier training objectives in the higher age and with wide layers of the population. Deutsche Post DHL is the challenge, therefore, is not alone, however it is for a group of particularly large, employing more than 500,000 employees. The work in the goods distribution centres is changing through the automation radically; other parts of the value chain, the Post will be changed by the technical progress.

Appel is for sure is that the answers can only be in a company and in a company found that still relies on the free world trade and economic growth. Only then will the necessary funds could be generated that would be needed to accompany Employees and society as well as possible by the Transformation.