Tasks becoming more complex – Postcom calls adapted to the mandate Within the post office network, the boundaries between the services in the primary care and public or private Offerings of themselves. Therefore, the mandate of the Supervisory authority would need to be adjusted.Paula Steiger0 KommentareAuf the entire postal market have been transposed 2019 4.1 billion Swiss francs to 3.2 billion items are transported. Keystone/ Christian Beutler

Within the post office network, the boundaries between the services in the basic service and the public or private performance of offered gradually. Identified by the Supervisory authority Postcom. Your Supervisory mandate must therefore be adapted.

The Postcom noted in its on Monday published annual report, the change in the postal industry move as a result of digitisation and the new consumption and communication habits go hand in hand continues to rapidly advance. In this challenging market environment, have been provided by the Swiss Post in the year 2019, the services of high-quality basic service. The private providers would substantially help ensure that the postal market in Switzerland is functioning well.

The postal market in Switzerland is reported by 2019, thanks to the package of boom overall, stable sales. On the whole postal market were implemented in the reporting year to CHF 4.1 billion and 3.2 billion items are transported. The volume was with a decrease of 4.2% is significantly lower. This negative development is due to the significantly lower volumes in the case of letters, Newspapers, and magazines.

Supervisory responsibilities “more complex”

The possible developments in the Post, both in terms of their organization, as well as your delivery network and the change of the postal market had an impact on the quality of the basic service, the Postcom. Accordingly, their Supervisory tasks were “more complex”. To reflect these changes, had to be adapted to the supervision mandate assigned to us by the legislature of Postcom, as well as the Supervisory tools “as appropriate”.

to fight in Order to allow a fair competition, be to monitor the activities in the market of emerging actors, especially when it is about wage dumping. At the same time the competition to bring innovations and new services, which correspond to the needs of the population and the economy. Environmental issues, as well as the provision of services in a socially responsible manner in the development of the postal market would play an increasingly important role.

The Postcom is an independent authority and only administratively to the Department Detec affiliated. It is made up of seven by the Federal Council, elected members and is supported by a technical Secretariat.

With suitable powers

The Postcom also said that by the Coronavirus triggered health crisis have pointed out that by the Post and the private providers operated the post office network belong in its entirety to the essential infrastructure of the country. All the players had been surprised by the force and the impact of the pandemic in equal measure.

In terms of future extraordinary situations, a holistic view of the postal market and all its players is essential. Equally important is that the different involved authorities, authorities and companies co-ordinate their respective measures of each other. Significantly will be, that the Postcom will be as Regulatorin with the suitable powers, in case of need quickly to take position or to act.


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