Mashed, steamed, baked… Potatoes can be prepared in various ways. According to a study by the CNIPT (National Interprofessional Potato Committee), it constitutes the plate of 62% of consumers at least once a week, reports the Notre Temps media. Which, all the same, leads to cooking 50 kg of potatoes per year and per inhabitant.

Its production is 6 million tonnes of tubers, mainly established in Hauts-de-France (64% in 2018). France then became the third largest potato producer in Europe.

It therefore seems very popular with the French. Florence Rosillon, general manager of this committee, explains its success in the columns of this same media: “the potato is a simple and inexpensive product, which refers to the terroir. Each of us has a personal story with her.”

Moreover, according to Science

Although its cultivation is relatively recent (the potato appeared in the 16th century), the French seem to have given it many names, different depending on the region. Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists them according to location, based on a French map of our regions, inspired by a note from the book “Comme on dit chez nous. The great book of the French of our regions (Editions Le Robert).