the President of The Ifo Institute, Clemens Fuest and his predecessor Hans-Werner Sinn are calling for a risk-limit at the Target balances, which they see as an overdraft credit between the Central banks of the Euro area. The Target loans were “contrary to popular opinion is also a risk for the taxpayers of the Eurozone, if no country leaves the Euro, but when it comes to the financial collapse of a Target of the deficit of the country,” said Fuest on Thursday. The other Central banks of the Eurosystem, the Bundesbank, to be exposed to a significant risk of default. This risk laste on the Federal budget.

Philip Plickert

editor in the business, responsible for “The economist”.

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According to the latest Figures from the Target balances of the Bundesbank at the end of November, 941 billion euros. This is not far from the summer peak of almost a trillion euros. Fuest and sense to write the sum represented the amount of soon, the half of the net foreign assets of the Federal Republic of Germany, which had been built up by export surpluses in previous years. Conversely, Italy stands out by a high negative Target balance. The liabilities of the Banca d’italia in the Target System to be the most recent data show that almost 500 billion euros.

The two Ifo economists propose to limit the risk of the Taget balances by collateral within the Euro system. “As convinced Europeans who see no Alternative to the progress of European Integration, we want to know our analysis not as a principle of criticism of the Euro and not the European Integration to be understood.”

It needed but a continuous rectification and correction of the in the course of the unification process visible “system error”. “The possibility of an ultimately boundless expansion of the Target overdraft loans without parliamentary scrutiny, merely on the Basis of decisions of the Council of the European Central Bank, we consider such a system error. He needs to be corrected urgently,” Fuest and sense of purpose in the journal “Ifo Schnelldienst”.

Lively and acrimonious debate

The Bundesbank has been trying for some time, to relativize the importance of the risks arising from Target balances. According to their assessment, the 2015 rise in German balances, especially on the bond-buying program the European Central banks are due. Unless a debtor country such as Italy from the Euro emerging, there is also no risk for the creditor countries.