The pool of talent may have been, as well as dried out, however, there is still a lot of people who, for various reasons, the access to the labour market, miss out on. Specifically, to provide them with the opportunity to give to a particular employer in order to discover, organize, Voka Limburg, on the 22nd of October, maastricht, the World Talentenmarkt.

This is the third time that this particular job fair is held. “We would like to encourage both job-seekers and businesses,” says Mark D ” Part, the coordinator of the project from the World by the Voka Limburg. “It’s a place that we create the demand and the supply in line with one another. After all, it’s not just the vacancies that are to be completed, but it also has a number of internship positions that will have to wait for the perfect candidate.”

these are the agents and partners of the intermediary organisations that make a pre-selection for job-seekers and companies together. That will speed up the process of us. At the same time, there are exciting activities on offer in the lavishly-illustrated catalogue insert. As she and Matty Zadnikar, how he was a former coal miner and of his own business and successfully build up the business. A good example of a little-known talent that we have, through will power and the right kind of support at all, it is opengebloeid.