Iraq has asked several countries, including Belgium, the money for the local disposal of Syriëstrijders. Iraq, estimated the costs at $ 2 million per year for each offender, according to a document from the Iraqi government, the weekly magazine Knack and was able to refer to it.

in Belgium and six other european union member states in negotiations for months, in its sole discretion on the issue, says Knack as for the French news agency AFP and the British newspaper The Guardian already reported about such a deal.

The Iraqi prime minister Adel Abdel-Mehdi highlighted in the document: march 2, Iraq’s foreign IS members want justice“, in accordance with the Plan, procedures, and bylaws. But it may be affected countries have no diplomatic or judicial intervention run.

in Iraq And calls for a lot of money. “The countries have to cover the cost of food, medical expenses, personal requirements, and public funds, such as monitoring, research, and attorney’s fees, which we estimate at $ 2 million per defendant, per year.

the Additional demands of the country’s 100 million dollars for a fortified prison, and a compensation for an amount of € 10 million for each of the IS-terrorists were transferred to Iraq”.

According to the OCAD, the body responsible for threat assessment, there are 294 foreign terrorist fighters, ” who-ever, from Belgium, left, is still in Syria or in Iraq. 151 of them are believed to have died. One part is fixed in the cell or a concentration camp, and others, there is very little information.