The Miss France competition is fast approaching. This 2023 edition will be special since it will mark a historic change in the ceremony. After 17 years of good and loyal service, Sylvie Tellier, general manager of Miss France, has left her post.

In her place, Miss France 2005 Cindy Fabre was chosen by President Alexia Laroche-Joubert to take her place as director of the national pageant and to represent the Miss France brand. It will thus take charge of the organization of the competition and in particular that of the regional elections from September.

If Sylvie Tellier left office on August 30, 2022, she nevertheless retains the honorary title of Honorary President of the Miss France society, reports Le Parisien. In addition, he still has a role to play before leaving the company for good.

“She offered me to keep an advisory role at their side until December, which I accepted, because it was important for me to accompany our partners until the election. On the other hand, I wanted leave my duties now, because I did not want to launch projects for next year.”, she explained to our colleagues from TV Mag.

Thus, we will still be able to find Sylvie Tellier alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault to present the ceremony one last time live from Châteauroux on TF1 next December. However, this may not be the last time that we will see the Miss on our screens. Indeed, it was recently approached by another program well known to French viewers.

The Star Academy will soon be back on TF1, to the delight of fans. In June 2022, at the microphone of Radio Monaco, Sylvie Tellier confided that she had been approached by the production to take the head of the castle.

“I was extremely touched that they thought of me for this kind of program because I was elected Miss France in 2001, I think it was the first year of Star Ac and it was Jenifer who won this show which I followed with great pleasure“, she explained then.

However, the former Miss France preferred to decline this proposal. “Honestly, I am not sure that I am expected in a role of director of the Star Academy, she estimated. I was extremely proud that people thought of me but it was not for my immediate projects. Not at all“, she justified with our colleagues.

This is another person who was finally selected to take this position. This is Michael Goldman, son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, notably producer of Grégoire or Joyce Jonathan.

Thus, the future of Sylvie Tellier may not be in television, but in a very different field.

After 17 years in the Miss France society, Sylvie Tellier confides that she would now like to focus on other projects that are more close to her heart. “I want to be an entrepreneur. I love my country, and we have great assets to develop. I would therefore like to put my energy at the service of promoting France and its know-how”, he said. – she confided to TV Mag.

Indeed, she believes that her experience as Miss France, then as general manager, allowed her to develop qualities and skills that could allow her to pursue this path. “Some companies, committed to this same ambition, do not have access to the media. I, for my part, have a real knowledge of this world and that of influence, of the assets that I would like to put at their disposal. “, she explained.

Despite everything, Sylvie Tellier specifies that she does not want to rush: “But there is no urgency, I want the transition with the Miss France teams to go well”.