Antibodies-approved proof – Swiss Start-up, at Covid-Test with the Roche match company Quotient has the license for Europe for your Test that is as reliable as the Roche. Their CEO used to work for the Basel-based giant. Isabel Strassheim7 Kommentare7Ein few drops of blood are sufficient for the detection of antibodies against Covid-19. Photo: Roland Schmid

A Swiss Start-up has developed a Test for antibodies against Covid-19, which draws in the reliability with the the pharmaceutical company Roche created equal. “He is the only one that is also manufactured in Switzerland,” said Franz Walt, CEO of the diagnostics company Quotient of this newspaper. The Test achieved a sensitivity of 100 percent, which means that he should recognize in all cases, if someone with the Virus was infected. In the opposite case, it shows with a certainty of 99.8 percent, and that no antibodies are present (specificity). Exactly, this marksmanship, the Roche Test provides.

The drop of blood is analyzed on a so-called Biochip on the antibody.Graphics: Quotient

Start-up-chief Walt had worked on up to 2011, Roche today Roche CEO Severin Schwan was his successor as CEO of Roche Diagnostics in Asia. For the past two years, Walt now leads the diagnostics company Quotient. The antibody blood test will be evaluated in the laboratory on a Biochip, the result is obtained in 35 minutes. Is analyzed by the diagnostic system of Quotient, which is already in 5000 laboratories. “In a nutshell, we expect the approval by the U.S. authority,” says Walt.

“We have requests from all over the world.”

Franz Walt, CEO of the diagnostics company Quotient

the Quotient, could produce up to 30 million Tests per year in Switzerland, if necessary, let the number be doubled. “We have requests from all over the world.” In Switzerland, discussions with various laboratories to run, therefore, last week, a British laboratory chain has opted for the Test of the ratio. “The price varies depending on the country, refunds, and health insurance system.”

unlike the revenge test for the Coronavirus antibody test may be an infection after the acute stage, yet to demonstrate.

the Quotient is a company with 450 employees, 160 of which are in Eysins, near Nyon. Unlike the revenge test for the Coronavirus antibody test can detect an infection after the acute stage. It is questionable, however, whether the Existence of antibodies means that the Person is immune. A second infection with Covid-19 might be possible. Unclear is, if someone with anti-bodies, the disease can be further transmitted to others. As an important anti-body tests apply, however, to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus, which is also in the relaxation is crucial. This allows the infection degree of a society to determine, and thus also a possible herd immunity close.

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