Latest Chapter – Swiss-Ski pulls the request on the Lauberhorn-deletion back to Swiss-Ski wants the world Cup races now, but in the FIS-calendar leave. The Association informs in a Communiqué. Nils Hänggi3 Kommentare3Grosse Surprise on Sunday evening. Swiss Ski is known, that the Association withdraw the request for the deletion of the Lauberhorn race.Photo: keystone reason for this is, among other things, the donation of an entrepreneur Jörg Moser, who supported the Association, with over 300’000 francs. Photo: KeystoneEin further reason is the support on the part of the policy. As examples, the Association counts about the commitment of Federal councillor Viola Amherd. But it is probably Swiss Federal councillor Adolf Ogi. Photo: Keystone, Everything is good so? Well, not quite. A small back door can be open to the Swiss Ski yet. Photo: Keystone1 / 4

A new day, a new Chapter in the history of the future of the Lauberhorn race. So the Swiss Ski informs in a Communiqué, that the Association withdraw the request on the Lauberhorn-deletion back. “Due to a large donation, and various positive signals,” have you decided, it is said in the Letter.

the donation By entrepreneur Jörg Moser, of the supports to the ski Association, with over 300’000 Swiss francs, in order to save the race on the Lauberhorn, have you obtained time, is to be read in the Communiqué to. And: “The amount corresponds approximately to the structural deficit of a hosting of the world Cup in Wengen. Accordingly, the donation made it possible to gain time, in order to bring the negotiations to a good end.”

On Thursday there is a Meet

we have Also received positive signals from politics, writes the Swiss Ski more. As examples, the Association counts about the commitment of Federal councillor Viola Amherd. Also the Writing of several Bernese politicians, such as, for example, by Swiss Federal councillor Adolf Ogi says but probably.

the next step in the Case of the Lauberhorn race takes place according to the Letter next Thursday. Then, the sports Minister of the Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann and Wengen OK-President, Urs Näpflin is located to a joint Meeting. And also the Three-point Plan, which was presented on Friday by Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann, was an important step, it means. “The Association believes that the Plan can be implemented.”

“But not at any price.”

All is well so? Can breathe a sigh of relief, all of the Lauberhorn-the Fans completely? Not quite. Because the Association is held open by a small back door.

So the Swiss Ski writes that he could not meet the by the organizing Committee in Wengen at the International court of arbitration for sport CAS placed a claim of in addition to 1 Million Swiss francs and wool. “Swiss-Ski offers Hand, we want to continue the spectacular Lauberhorn race in front of a unique mountain scenery, but not at any price”, the President of the Association Urs Lehmann, quote.

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