Comment on the poor message 2020 – Unknown should not be underestimated crises, and thus pandemics are not the same as wars. And yet, they are Parallel.Opinion of Benjamin Gafner0 KommentareEin war is not the only danger: The security policy requires a broader understanding of existential threats.Photo: Keystone

The political dispute over the direction of Swiss army goes hand in hand for years with the dispute over the question of which risks are likely and what are the dangers of unlikely. Together of the representatives of the different camps now: you all do not know the future. Security professionals at all levels – from the municipal police officers up to the chief of the army – think in scenarios. They allow an approach to a possible future.

The political Left is running the current discussion on the probable and improbable threats of danger, to argue, to superficial. The same applies to the rights, the civil side. To limit yourself to the possible threats as a signpost for the army, falls short: What is the people (not know yet), he regards nature as unlikely.

The military Option must remain for defense purposes.

crises – be it the economic crisis, the lack of location after a natural disaster or the current pandemic are bad and can have catastrophic consequences. However, they are generally less devastating than wars. May Mister Corona,” Daniel cook “came not least because of that, so calm and considered, because he has seen the worst of it – namely, the war and its consequences – as a doctor in Africa, and experienced.

The crisis, and thus the pandemic – you could call it the little brother of war. Both are unwanted since, both to beat surprisingly, both disclose management errors and omissions. In addition, they show the limits of solidarity among States – because everyone looks first.

The current Definition of security policy was probably too poor heavy. Existential threats require an entirely different, more comprehensive understanding than, for example, in the Cold war. The protection of the population, its values and institutions, requires a broader Consideration. The military Option must remain as a defensive open.

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