Sun Yang is the only swimmer who is about to become 200, 400 and 1500 metres freestyle Olympic champion. Accordingly, the Status of which is under China’s sports stars: the very top of the Olympus. Than competitors referred to two and half years ago at the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro open as an impostor, mobile its Fans mobilized tens of thousands of times Online Protest. When Sun Yang the Gold medal in the 200 meters, won in Rio, finally, free style, pushed him to the Secretary-General of the International swimming Federation (Fina) Cornel Marculescu, to his chest. “Like a grandfather” Marculescu seen him, said the Chinese later, the Romanian was “a very good friend of the Chinese swimming team”.

Christoph Becker

sports editor.

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How good is the friendship between the officials of Fina and China’s biggest swimming Star, which could be negotiated in this year. According to a report in the London “Sunday Times” has the Doping Panel of Fina, the swimmer at 3. January spoken by the suspicion of fraud-free – and, although he according to the report, together with a security man in an unannounced training control on 4. September 2018, is said to have destroyed the glass container of a blood sample with a Hammer. The world Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) check, whether or not they’re going to pull against the decision of the swimming Federation before the International court of arbitration for Sport. The appeal period expires in the coming week.

the report of the “Sunday Times”, according to the inspectors of the company IDTM have been waiting for the last September before the house of the float in the Zhejiang province, Sun Yang had given upon his arrival, a blood sample. He should also provide a urine sample, he has the accreditation of the “Chaperone”, the guardian, questioned. Then his mother Ming Yang is said to have threatened to call the police. Sun Yang’s doctor, doctor Ba have contacted Zhen then the doctor of the Anti-Doping laboratories Han Zhaoqi. These have not been confirmed, that the nurse have the necessary papers. While responsible for control Doping control urine I called the IDTM HQ in Sweden, had been to smash the glass with the blood sample. Sun Yang was later torn from a Notepad of the control urine.