Suzano S.A. (SUZ), Offers a Buy-In Opportunity


Let’s begin with the current stock price for Suzano S.A. After opening at $9.55, the Stock rose to $9.845 during the last session. The lowest price was $9.53 and it closed at $9.52 on October 28th 2021. Suzano announced a record operating cash flow of R$5.2 Billion in the 3Q21. Suzano, the global leader in bioproducts made from eucalyptus, has announced its results for the three-months to September (Q21). Operating cash generation reached R$5.2 billion which is a new quarterly record after the merger with Fibria. In 3Q21, adjusted EBITDA was R$6.3 billion. This is a new quarterly record since the merger with Fibria in January 2019. provides more information.

Suzano S.A. enjoyed a very positive run in terms of market performance. The stock reached its 1-year high of $14.44 on 02/22/21. The lowest value for the same period was $8.37 on 10/21/21.

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Full year performance of Suzano S.A.

A price record that includes the history of low and high stock prices over a 52-week period can reveal a lot about a stock’s current status and future performance. Current Suzano S.A. shares have a -32.29% increase in 52-weeks from a high price and 16.85% more than the lowest price for the same period. The stock’s 52-week price range managed to keep its performance between $8.37 & $14.44.

The shares of the company, which operates in the Basic Materials sector, managed to surpass a daily trading volume of approximately 828801, which is evidently lower than the average daily volumes.

The year-to-date performance of Suzano S.A. was -12.52%. However, revenues were -17.05% higher than the previous year. The company’s total market value is 13.20B at the time of writing.

Suzano S.A.

The Suzano S.A. stock received 9 analysts’ BUY rating in the past month. None of the polled experts rated the stock as OVERWEIGHT. 2 analysts recommended to HOLD the stock. 0 analysts gave it UNDERWEIGHT rating. 1 polled analyst gave it a SELL rating. data shows that the moving average for the company over the last 100 days was 10.25 with a price change of -1.66. Similar to Suzano S.A., which recorded 901,022 trading volumes, Suzano S.A. saw a change of -14.51% in the last 100 days.

Suzano S.A.

The Raw Stochastic average for Suzano S.A. over the last 50 days is 55.73%. This result is lower than the Raw Stochastic average over the past 20 days which was 89.80%. The company’s Stochastic%K was 75.74%, while its Stochastic%D was 73.10% in the past 20 days.

Multiple moving trends can be seen in the Suzano S.A.’s earlier routines. The company’s stock price performance for the year-to-date is encouraging considering that the metric has recorded -12.52%. The stock’s trading performance over the past six months has been markedly worsened by -18.50% and a rise of 4.94% over the same period. The stock rose by approximately 3.06% over the seven-day charts, and fell by 7.95% over the past 30 days. The common stock shares increased by -17.05% in the last quarter.