in the Wake of a Facebook post of the AfD group in the hochtaunuskreis district in the past summer, the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office determined because of a suspicion of a threat. The investigations were directed against two people, said the Frankfurt Prosecutor Nadja Niesen on Thursday, without naming names. The Post in which journalists were indirectly threatened, had taken care of the time for outrage. About the investigations of the “Wiesbadener Kurier reported previously”.

the Facebook post, from 27. August of last year, it was said, according to the German journalists Association (DJV): “we have known revolutions were eventually stormed the broadcasting studios and the press houses and the employees on the road dragged. About the media should think representatives in this country, because if the mood tilts definitively, it is too late.“ The DJV had therefore requested to let the AfD because of the entry of the protection of the Constitution observed.

According to the Facebook Post had sought the Hessian land Association of the Alternative for Germany in order to limit damage. “The AfD is distancing itself in the strongest terms of the Facebook Post of the AfD group in the high Taunus district”, stated the national Association spokesman Robert Lambrou and said at the same time: “We stand behind the freedom of the press. It is a very basic and non-negotiable.“