In the study, the vrouwenlijk last week, it was found in a trunk of a vehicle, in a Corporation, is the ex-husband of the 31-year-old woman suspicion of the murder. That is, the public prosecutor’s office in Charleroi will be announced. The man had only just been released.

The police, was the man Saturday night to pick it up. To a friend he had already confessed that he and his wife had been killed. Who knew then the police are notified of the outcome.

the research found that women with multiple knife wounds, and with a brick on her head had been beaten.

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During the hearing, the judge gave a 40-year-old suspect admitted that he had been beaten, but he did not deny that he and those who acted with.

The public prosecutor’s office and gave that to the wife, in september, a complaint was filed against the husband for assault and battery. He was arrested, but on the 22nd of October, and released under the terms and conditions. So, if he is not in touch with his ex-partner.